It's Raining & Reigning Kings

Oh my... It has been raining non stop for the past 3 days, at first I was really enjoying it since we were basically in a drought and had not seen a drop of rain for months, but now, good grief. I'm ready for some sunshine. So, while it's been raining I've been trying to get a lot of work done, new Thanksgiving cards and such will be printed very soon along with some designs that have been sitting for a minute. Waiting on me...
Lets talk about someone who's been getting things done now. I'm talking about my friend Brandon Sharpe who has been working on an awesome concept for his own beer. I helped him out with the sheep illustration and he put something amazing together. Go here to check it out! Reigning Kings and then go here to see his other awesome website that has a video about his idea Brandon Explores.

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