Upcoming Events in Wilmington

I've found since moving here a year ago its hard to find out about things going on in the Wilmington area, other than going to a shop and seeing the fliers posted. There isn't really a place to go and see what's going on. Except for WBLiveSurf, am I wrong? Maybe I'm just not in the loop... that could be it, I really don't know a whole lot of people yet here. So maybe you can tell me. Until then, I will try to do my part and post the events that I am aware of on my page.

Tonight: Surf movie in the park. Still Filthy Premier, Wrightville beach park. Free starts at 8pm. (in case of rain, Red Dogs at 7pm and also a 9:30pm showing.

Wednesday August 26th: Dear and Yonder Premier at UNCW. Free starts at 7pm

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