Poors Mans Gift Wrap and a Wonderful Breakfast

Today was one of many days so far this summer that my husband and I spent down at the beach in the morning before work. We are both trying to learn to surf right now, and it was a very pleasant day for paddling. After the beach he made me a great breakfast, of blueberries, granola cereal and chocolate soy milk. Delicious.

Pete's, birthday is tomorrow, and I just finished wrapping his gifts. Since we have been together Pete has introduced me to his way of wrapping a gift in magazine papers, I happen to think this is a great idea. To play it up a bit I used masking tape to make a bow. So now, if you're ever tight on money or just want to do things a little differently when giving someone a gift, look through one of your favorite magazines for cool pictures and wrap it up. We happen to like surf magazines that have some great colors in them. You can also use newspaper, comics,
or free magazines.

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