Back and Somewhat Refreshed

So my husband and I just went out to Western North Carolina and West Virginia, to camp and for some family time with the relatives. The first part of the week we headed out to Montreat NC and camped for a couple of days, the weather was a bit rainy but pretty nice and cool the entire time.
Made some breakfast burritos, widdled a hot dog roasting stick, kicked his ass at Scrabble and tossed the hacky-sack around .. that's what you're supposed to do when you camp right? Anyway, its was good times. Then we headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway (which is beautiful I might add) and we stopped by Gem Mountain for mining (you know the place they go to on the Travel Channel) yeah that place. It was awesome, I don't know if its rigged or anything it might be, but who cares it was a great time, probably a little more fun if you have kids but we found quite a few cool rocks. We got to West Virginia that same day and stayed with my grandparents, it was nice just to relax and visit with them. My grandma always makes us the biggest breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy from scratch... its pretty crazy and amazing. Its not very often to get the royal treatment and eat that well so we took full advantage of it. Here's us out on my uncles boat, I even got to drive, sweet.

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