Hello, the cat just knocked something over.

The first post is always the hardest one. Where to begin, what's the first thing to say without sounding completely random... 
So let's start with this. My name is Jess as you can see and I am a freelance designer from Wilmington, NC. I have two business', that should probably be one but as you read on you will find I have too many baskets like it says in my "about me" section. Back to what I was saying. I have two business', one being my t-shirt company, Sweet Nothing Clothes, I design and print all of my shirts in small quantities with designs that I like and would like to see myself and other people wearing and enjoying. The second is my greeting card company, Robotic Relative Greetings, I design all of these cards as well, most of them have monster-like creatures on them that are usually doing something humorous. I love making cards, this is something that I have done all of my life and about two years ago decided that maybe I should make something of it. So I did. 
Anyway, with this blog I hope to keep updated with new projects I am working on, portfolio work, personal projects, photos, and so on. So keep looking back and if you're ever in the need or know someone who is in the need for a designer/illustrator let me know and I would be glad to help. I am flexible and can adapt to what you want. 
I hope you enjoyed my first post and will keep in touch. 

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